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Ruian Ruian City DeBang Machine Co.,Ltd. Chung-tai major producing all kinds of plastic machinery and equipment, has been the formation of plastic machinery, printing production line several major series of products have reached more than 50 varieties, the main products are: SJ series high Blown Film Unit ; two-color film blowing machine article;color buckle embossing film blowing unit; SJ Series Polypropylene Film Unit, SJ series of co-extruded blown film unit; four light-controlled high-speed automatic bag sealing cutting machine; computer keen edge sealing system (0PP) exclusive; tracking computer color vision (double-layer) closure cut bag machine; computer eagerly tracking the whole bag machine; rotary die film blowing unit; four-color flexible printing machine Toppan; high-speed prec


SJ-A50、55、65、65-1 PE High & low-pressure Blowing F

SJ-A50、55、65、65-1 PE High & low-pressure Blowing Film Machine use: Its extruder, cylinder and screw rods are made of quality alloy steel that have been nitrized and proc......

Double-head Film Blowing Machine Set

Double-head Film Blowing Machine Set P>Characteristics: Both the cylinder and the screw of the extruder are made of high quality alloy steel ......

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